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This is the MGH White Book App, available at

Please see the tutorial videos for installation guides for iOS and Android. The App is accessible without a login from computers and WiFi within the MGH network (similar to how UpToDate works). From elsewhere, or on 4G, you'll need to login with your or email address. MGH resident alumni can retain access by providing their permanent email here.

This app currently contains content from the 2020-2021 MGH Department of Medicine Housestaff Manual, aka the "White Book" (see the Preface for more information), along with content ported from the now defunct housestaff intranet called OurMGH.

It is a collaboration between the editorial leadership of the White Book, the MGH Department of Medicine, and housestaff from the MGH Internal Medicine Residency.

The following residents generously volunteered to design and layout content for:

This project would not have been possible without Alexandra Wick and Jacqueline Henson, the editors of the 2020-2021 White Book, who supported this project and oversaw revisions to the first edition of the app. We are also grateful to Daniel Gromer and Leslie Chang, editors of the 2021-2022 White Book, for supporting the collaboration between the print and app versions. We owe a great debt to the many editors and contributors for the current and past versions.

We would like to especially thank Jay Vyas, Gabby Mills, and Libby Cunningham for supporting this project from its initial stages, as well as the 2020-2021 Chief Residents: Ali Castle, Rashmi Jasrasaria, Arielle Medford, and Jon Salik.

The White Book App runs on a software platform called CareTeam, created and hosted by The East Harlem Software Company. For more information about CareTeam, please contact

This project started within the MGH Housestaff Innovation Studio. To provide feedback about this app, please use this form to contact the current webmaster(s).

Jamie Brett, MD, PhD, Managing Editor for the White Book App
Theodore Pak, MD, PhD, Lead Designer for the White Book App
Department of Medicine
Massachusetts General Hospital
November 2020